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System of rules and mechanisms that defines the emission and distribution of in-game tokens.

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What is tokenomics?

Tokenomics (a combination of the words "token" and "economics") is a system of rules and mechanisms that defines how in-game tokens are used and distributed. It is essential for creating a sustainable economy within the game, where players can earn, spend, and trade tokens, thereby encouraging active participation and the growth of the gaming community.

$POG tokenomics

At the time of the Token Generation Event (TGE), the distribution of $POG tokens was established as follows:

Total Supply

100,000,000 $POG tokens.


  • Private/Seed Round 17,5%, unlocked 100%
  • Seed SHO round 1,5%, unlocked 100%
  • Public Round 3,5%, unlocked 100%
  • Advisors 7,5%, unlocked 100%
  • Liquidity DEX/CEX 15%, unlocked 3,9%
  • Team 12%, locked
  • Game farming/mining 30%, locked
  • Marketing 8%, locked
  • Treasure 5%, locked

To sum it up

As part of the $POG tokenomics, the allocation was spread over 2 full years from the Token Generation Event (TGE). The team fulfilled its promises to investors regarding unlocks while refraining from unlocking team and project tokens until the game release.

All time high (ATH) $POG token is $3.5. The team bought back $POG token from $2 to $0.005. So in total the team bought back 13,789,605 tokens.

  • Circulation Supply Unlocked 33,9%
  • Locked 66,1%

$COMA tokenomics

In 2024, we completed the migration of the $POG token to $COMA at a 1:1 ratio from BNB to the Arbitrum network. Tokenomics $COMA same like $POG.

We recreated the liquidity pool on the Arbitrum network after we locked 70.33% of the liquidity. Therefore, the funds for providing liquidity were taken from the "Team Buy Back Wallet" in the amount of 3,000,010 $COMA = transaction1: 1,000,000 $COMA + transaction2: 2,000,010 $COMA. After the tokens were unlocked, we will return 3,000,010 $COMA to"Team Buy Back Wallet" wallet.

  • Total Circulation Supply 29,67% = Team Buy Back Wallet 13,8% + Circulation Supply 15.8%
  • Locked tokens, lock ratio 70.33% till Mar. 1st 2025

Use case

Tokens are fuel for all activities in the game - crafting, grinding, upgrading, trading items on the marketplace and in-game etc.


To reduce fees, increase speed and comply with regulatory standards, we are introducing a separate in-game currency $CAPS for the Web2 community. They both fulfil the same function - fuel for the game.

  • $COMA is Web3 token
  • $CAPS is Web2 token

ComaOnline is cross-platform, with unified servers for Web2 and Web3 community. If you are interested in gaming - choose traditional gaming (Web2), if you are interested in earning while playing, your choice is crypto (Web3).