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Track our developing process from start to finish and beyond, showing every step from the first idea to release and later updates.

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Roadmap 2024


  • Bug Fixes
  • On-page SEO
  • Wild Animals System
  • Upgrade to Unreal Engine 5
  • Epic Games SDK Integration
  • Core Optimization
  • Building System
  • Skills System


  • Marketplace
  • Upgrading
  • Grinding
  • Fragment Asset
  • Storage System
  • Storytail Quests Integration
  • Game Release on Epic Games


  • NFT Marketplace
  • Upgrade NFT
  • Grinding NFT
  • Fragmenting NFT
  • NFT Private Island
  • Farming System
  • Vehicles Customization System
  • Mobile Optimization
  • iOS Client
  • Android Client

Roadmap 2023

  • Open World
  • Steam Integration
  • Multiplayer
  • Cooking System
  • Crafting
  • Mining
  • Enemies AI
  • Weapon System
  • Heavy Weapon System
  • Melee Weapon System
  • Combat System
  • Combo System
  • Parkour System
  • Covering System
  • Vehicles System
  • Fuel System
  • Fishing System
  • Swimming System
  • Quests System
  • Day-time System
  • Animals System
  • Ambient Sounds
  • Temperature System
  • Repair System
  • Danger-differentiated Zones
  • Base Optimization
  • Release Testing Build

Roadmap 2022

The first version of our open-world game was developed on Unity Engine. Within the first six months after TGE, we realized Unity wasn not the right fit for a large-scale project.

We decided to assemble a new team for Unreal Engine and start a fresh development from scratch. We ran two parallel teams on Unity and Unreal Engine, continuing until the Unreal Engine version of the game surpassed the Unity version in quality.

You can check our dev blog on YouTube.

Roadmap 2021

  • Prototype
  • Fundraising
  • TGE


From time to time, we do different events. Below you can read them and track the status of their fulfillment. Check your wallet in the google sheet.

  • 20.11.23 "Tester suit"
  • 08.09.22 TikTok Contest
  • 31.08.22 Box holders (Staking)
  • 20.04.22-31.08.22 Island for 3000 POG
  • 30.11.21-01.02.22 "LP for NFT Island"
  • 18.02.21 COOL GIFT 500,250 to $POG holders
  • 16.02.21 "Press `+` to the chat" ENG+RU
  • 2021 Early Investors "MoneyMan suit"


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