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Private Island

Get passive income in the game on the own farm and get access to unique resources for crafting, mining and grinding.

ComaOnline is under development. Have to read the disclaimer before taking any actions, ensuring informed and secure interaction.

A personal island is a private level in the game with unique opportunities and passive income. The island relates to PVE mechanics but without active actions. By acquiring the island, you get access to unique mechanics and resources not found in the open world.

NFT Private Island is an NFT, like any NFT, it can be Upgraded or Grinded. Upgrade the island to level 5 and Grind its boosts without limitations for any level. The more upgraded the NFT, the more profit it brings you daily!


  • Mining - only on the island the unique ores necessary for crafting assets spawn. Create assets yourself or sell the ores on the marketplace.
  • Farming - breed animals, plant crops, collect the harvest, and sell them on the marketplace.
  • Fishing - an ocean around the island is a place where you can catch unique resources unavailable in the open world for crafting, use a fishing rod and show off your skills.
  • Shooting Range — improve your skills at your personal shooting range to dominate in the open world.

Private Island is a unique opportunity to receive passive income, expand the capabilities of the open world, and access unique resources. Earn in the game and get your private island!