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What is a Lootbox

A lootbox is a container with more than 250+ NFT items and Fragments. Each box contains an equal number of items, but with different drop chances. The higher the level, the more valuable the reward.

Most lootboxes can be obtained as rewards by completing daily quests or can be purchased on the marketplace.



Lootbox Legendary

The most exclusive lootbox, featuring only unique assets, is exclusive to airdrops during game events. It cannot be crafted, upgraded or found.

Lootbox Epic

Exclusive lootbox with the highest item drop chance. Can only be crafted from a Mythical Box with an N% craft rate.

Lootbox Mythical

The rarest lootbox with the highest item drop chance from non-exclusive lootboxes. Can only be crafted or purchased.

Lootbox Rare

Rare lootbox with a high chance of dropping valuable items. Can be crafted from an Uncommon Box or purchased.

Lootbox Uncommon

Second in importance, but not the least likely to drop items. Still affordable, yet with a higher chance of asset drops.

Lootbox Common

First in line, but not first in importance. The cheapest box, from which even the most expensive items can drop. Can be upgraded to Uncommon rarity.


In the harsh, undead-riddled landscapes of a MMORPG survival zombie game, lootboxes play a pivotal role in enhancing player experience and game dynamics. These treasure troves are not just about fluff or aesthetics; they are about survival, strategy, and advancement.

Survival Essentials

In a game where every resource counts, lootboxes can provide essential survival items such as food, water, and medical supplies. These are critical in a world where players must fend off zombie attacks and manage their health and hunger levels to survive another day.

Weaponry and Armor

Gaining a tactical advantage is crucial in a survival game. Lootboxes often contain weapons and armor that are not readily available in the game world. This can include rare guns, enhanced melee weapons, or armor with special resistances, giving players a much-needed edge against both the undead and other players.

Crafting Materials and Tools

Crafting is a core component of survival in many MMORPGs. Lootboxes can supply rare crafting materials and tools, enabling players to build fortifications, craft advanced weapons, or create traps and defenses against zombies, thus improving their chances of survival and success.

Character Customization

While survival is the primary goal, character customization remains a significant allure for many players. Lootboxes can offer unique skins, costumes, and accessories that allow players to personalize characters. This adds a layer of personal investment and enjoyment to the gameplay.

Community and Trading

Lootboxes often contain items that are rare and valuable to the community. This facilitates a vibrant trade economy, where players can barter or sell items obtained from lootboxes. Trading not only enhances social interaction but also allows players to strategically acquire specific items needed for their survival or gameplay strategy.