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How to earn

Choose your activity in the open world that will earn you money. Look for resources, fight with enemies and survive in open world.

ComaOnline is under development. Have to read the disclaimer before taking any actions, ensuring informed and secure interaction.

Coma Online is a game where you can play traditional shooter MMORPG with zombies and earn money with in-game activities. Choose your activity in Coma game, earn and withdraw money!


Lootboxes are containers filled with in-game items and fragments. Wich are necessary to Craft, Upgrade and Grind items.

The higher the level, the more valuable the rewards and the greater the cost of items. Just like any other in-game items (NFTs), Loot Boxes can be upgraded and grinded to increase the chances of better items drop.


Get resources in the game and craft items. Hold them to use in-game to earn more or sell on the marketplace!

An item can be created both in-game and on the website using fragments that are received from lootboxes, as rewards for completed quests, or through marketplace purchases.


Items can and should be upgraded. As the level increases, so do its parameters, rarity, and value.

To upgrade, you will need two identical items of the same level, and this can be done on the website.


If Upgrade allows to improve the level of an item, then Grind allows to improve its characteristics at the current level. Thus, grinding significantly enhances stats. Ultimately, you get a unique asset with additional value, owned only by you.


It is like a cog for a big machine. Fragments allow you to create items without resources. The chance of fragments dropping is higher than that of items. So it would be faster for someone to create an item from a fragment.

Fragments are obtained in-game or drop from lootboxes. Each fragment is a full-fledged item of "level 1" that can be traded on the marketplace.


Complete daily quests and the storyline. Receive items or their fragments as rewards. The longer you do tasks, the higher the level of rewards.

Fight zombies and zombie bosses, go on raids solo or with a party, and gather resources to craft items!

The highest rewards await in the red zone, along with PVP players.


The open world is divided into three levels of danger. In each zone, you can perform various tasks, mine resources, and fight enemies. The higher the level of the zone, the greater the reward.

  • Green - no one can do any damage. A zone for resting, trading, repairing equipment and just having a good time.
  • Yellow - players fight NPCs (animals, zombies, AI humanoids etc.). Players cannot damage or loot a character. AI humanoids can loot random volume of inventory (assets, $CAPS, $COMA).
  • Red - PVP zone with PVE. The most profitable quests, zombie bosses, dangerous adversaries and AI humanoids. Players fight NPCs (animals, zombies, AI humanoids etc.) and other players. Players and AI humanoids can loot the defeated side a random volume of inventory (assets, $CAPS, $COMA).


The most dangerous area, danger waiting at every corner. Be ready to face wild animals, evil zombies, AI humanoids and of course players. Turn your skills into weapons and your time into income!


Mine resources in the open world or on your "Private Island" with unique ores. Resources are necessary for crafting, upgrading, and grinding items. Mined resources are vital components in the game.

Mining is available in all zones. The more dangerous the zone, the more valuable the resources you can mine. Do not forget to build barricades while defending your cave!


It is not just a way to survive, but also to catch valuable resources for crafting, upgrading, or grinding assets. Who knows what the hook might snag underwater!

You can fish with a Fishing Rod or a Spear, but only with a Fishing Rod can you catch resources to create and improve items!

How to start

Start playing ComaOnline game and make money without needing to sign up or verify with SMS. Play smoothly and begin earning right away!